Don't do life alone!

Life is so much more fun and meaningful when you get to do it with other people.

Thatís why we offer fun and exciting LifeGroups where like-minded people can connect and build relationships around favourite activities and interests spanning all age groups - kids, teens, and adults.

Whether you attend church or not, everyone is welcome!


Fall Session LifeGroups will be held on Wednesday nights at 7:00pm at Jubilee Faith Centre and in Cayuga beginning September 29.

Leading a LifeGroup:

To lead a LifeGroup, the following requirements must be met:

- you have attended Jubilee Faith Centre for at least one year

- you have a growing relationship with the Lord

- you adhere to our Statement of Faith (what we belive)

LifeGroup Application Forms
Please choose one of the following forms to print out:

- this is your first time leading a LifeGroup

- you have led a LifeGroup before

If you cannot open these forms, use the free FoxIt pdf reader.

Questions? Contact us at